Compromised Assessment & Threat Hunting

We look beyond technical elements to analyse business impact and prioritize cyber initiatives according to maturity level, threats, risks, investments, and more. Using native security capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Azure along with our proprietary solutions, we’ll help you simplify securing your Azure Cloud & Hybrid investment.

Organisation's biggest challenges in digital transformation is ensuring data security, privacy, and compliance results of which is Share prices falling 7.27% on average after a breach.

Security Anatomy

  • Vulnerability mapping
  • Threat Identification
  • Exposure Tracing
  • Compromise Determination

Understanding your actual threat reality.

Intelligent Visibility

  • Visible Digital Landscape
  • Asset Exposure Impact
  • Business Risk Classification
  • Enable Correct Response

Providing sight to continuous threat management

Resilient Digital Asset

  • Improve Security Scalability
  • Enhanced Security Controls
  • Cross-platform management
  • Drive Compliance & Risk Maturity

Guiding towards a trusted and business enabling digital landscape