Identity and Access Management as a Service

Leveraging Microsoft embedded Identity and Access security capability across your investment portfolio will enable the achievement
of a fitting Identity and Access Management delivered by Phakamo.

"The biggest hacks are occurring due to poor management and governance of user Identity and Access to data and services. The lack of controls to manage who has access to what and the identity to grant them the right path for use, makes the reality of a breach greater."

 Strategy and

  • Conceptualise IAM governance framework
  • IAM readiness Assessment and roadmap
  • Define IAM architecture design
  • Deploy a Microsoft IAM technology enablement

 Deployment and Configuration

  • Establish access governance services
  • Ensure ubiquitous identity
  • Drive digital access and identity management
  • Embed Conditional Access, MFA, Self Service
  • Deploy privileged Access and Identity management


  • Automate Compliance Management
  • Enable Seamless incident resolution
  • Drive intelligence led enhancement and optimisation of the Azure Active Director and Active Directory IAM solutions.
  • Streamline IAM operations and continuously evolve and mature Azure Active Director and Active Directory IAM solutions.